A New Breed

A New Breed  – a-new-breed-navigating-healthcare-system
By Sandra Yin in American Way. American Airlines 2013

“Professional help is available when navigating a complicated health care system. These consultants, also known as medical advocates, patient navigators and the umbrella term health care advocates, offer a range of services. They help patients learn about options by researching diagnoses and treatments. Many assist in communication among physicians and patients. They help clients define health care goals, set agendas for doctor visits and shape expectations. Many patient advocates accompany clients to appointments and hospital visits; others may consult strictly by phone. Some help patients in developing questions to ask doctors and in understanding the answers. Advocates may gather records and create a multi-year summary of a patient’s medical history to help physicians get a snapshot of salient points. While patient advocates employed by hospitals or insurers aim to mitigate risk or cut costs, independent or private advocates answer only to their clients: the patients. Patient advocates help empower their clients to become savvy health care consumers.”

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